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It’s Time To Get Strategic About Marketing Automation

Goose Digital CEO Michael Turcsanyi breaks down the strategic role Marketing Automation plays in supporting your entire customer journey: from lead generation through to customer marketing. Learn how to get the most out of these cutting edge platforms to drive marketing excellence in your business.


Four Questions To Launch Your Data-Driven Email Strategy
In 2018, data needs to be incorporated into messaging strategies, but that’s easier said than done. Learn four basic questions to ask yourself about data and how it ties back to your email marketing strategy. Read more…

Recap: Trends & Highlights from the 2018 Insurance Canada Tech Conference
Read our summary of the 2018 ICTC and how we see marketing technologies supporting digital transformation for brokers and insurers. Read more…

Trending upwards graph KEY TRENDS & HOT TOPICS

Act-On: What You Need To Know About Europe’s GDPR
According to a recent survey, 1/4 of organizations have yet to formulate a plan to address GDPR, Europe’s CASL equivalent, which comes into effect May 25, 2018. Learn what it means for marketers and levels of consent required. Read more…

HubSpot: 10 Examples of Influencer Marketing
What purpose does influencer marketing serve in audience engagement? Answer: it doesn’t. See how influencer marketing-driven campaigns actually work. Read more…


Salesforce Pardot: Do Email Subject Lines Change The Way Emails Are Filtered?
The folks over at Salesforce run a controlled test to see if and how emails are filtered using well-known spam terms. The results might surprise you! Read more…

Marketo: A Clever Look at Integrating Apps into a Marketer’s Day
Get a glimpse into how Marketo uses the popular app If This Then That to trigger interesting, cool, and practical IoT use cases for marketers. Read more…

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